What is Japanese Spouse Visa?

“Japanese Spouse Visa” is a visa obtained by a foreigner who has married a Japanese. There are three types of conditions that can be obtained: “foreigner married to Japanese”, “persons who have submitted a birth notification as a Japanese child”, and “special adoption”. Also, if you get a Spouse Visa, you can go to school in Japan without restrictions on working in Japan.

What is the period of stay for Japanese Spouse Visa?

The period of stay after obtaining a Visa is either six months, one year, three years, or five years, and is determined by examination based on living conditions and other criteria. The Immigration Bureau conducts a strict examination because there were many fake marriages for work purposes in the past.

Reasons for a short period of stay include “short marriage period”, “short cohabitation period”, “unstable income” and “no children”. Renewal procedures must be started 3 months before the expiration date.

How to get a Spouse Visa?

The method of obtaining a Spouse Visa differs depending on whether “when a foreigner is in Japan” or “when a foreigner is in his/her own country”.

When a foreigner is in his/her own country

① Marriage formalities in both Japan and abroad.

② A Japanese national applies for a Certificate of Eligibility at the Immigration Bureau of Japan.

③ Mail the certificate of eligibility to the foreigner and apply for a Visa at the Japanese diplomatic mission abroad.

④ Enter Japan within 3 months after the visa is issued and register as a resident at government office of your address.

When a foreigner is in Japan

① Marriage formalities in both Japan and abroad.

② Go to the Immigration Bureau of Japan and apply for permission to change your status of residence.

③ After your application is accepted, you will be issued a residence card at the Immigration Bureau.

If your spouse (foreigner) is in Japan, it may take about two months to issue a visa, so you may have to return to your country once.

Documents required for “Spouse Visa”

The required documents are mainly as follows.

Birth certificate, marriage certificate, family register, certificate of residence, identity certificate, documents explaining the circumstances of marriage, photographs certifying relationship, etc.

Since there are many necessary documents and administrative procedures for a Spouse Visa, it is also recommended to use an “Administrative Scrivener Office” that supports visa applications. The administrative scrivener office will make a list of necessary documents and apply to the Immigration Bureau on your behalf, and it will go smoothly.

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