Procedures for permission to extend the period of stay for a foreign spouse

After obtaining a Spouse Visa, the period of stay will be one year, three years, or five years, and the renewal procedure will be repeated each time. In most cases, the period of stay is one year for the first time, and the reliability of the marriage is regularly examined.

When to renew Spouse Visa

It is possible to apply for renewal from 3 months before the expiration date of the period of stay given when you obtain your Visa. A person who has a status of residence must go to the Immigration Bureau and apply for “permission to extend the period of stay”.

In addition, if you apply after the period of stay has passed, it will be Overstay. Also, you can apply for renewal and stay for two months after the period of stay expires. However, it may take some time to apply, so please apply in plenty of time.

Documents required for application for extension of period of stay

Documents to be submitted to the Immigration Bureau are as follows.

  • Application for Extension of Period of Stay(Fill in the application form received at the immigration office)
  • Residence card
  • Passport
  • Spouse’s family register
  • Spouse’s taxation certificate
  • Applicant’s taxation certificate
  • Certificate of residence

After applying, you will receive a notice of renewal permission at your home in about 2 weeks to 1 month. When you receive the notification, take the notification, passport, residence card, application receipt, and revenue stamps worth 4,000 yen to the Immigration Bureau to complete the necessary procedures.

On the other hand, in the case of disapproval, a disapproval notice will be sent to your home.

Cases that are likely to be disallowed and how to deal with them in advance

The following are the cases where an application for permission to extend the period of stay is likely to be rejected.

  • Husband and wife are separated.
  • Unemployed, unstable income.
  • There are unpaid resident tax, insurance premiums, and pensions.

If the couple is living separately, a statement of reason must be submitted to prove the reason.

If you are unemployed or your income is unstable, you will need to submit a bankbook or documents that prove your job-hunting activities.

If you have unpaid taxes, pay them before applying.

Response after be disallowed

If you receive a disapproval notice, you can reapply for permission to extend your period of stay.

Before reapplying, if you go to the Immigration Bureau to clarify the reason why permission was denied, the examiner will explain the reason why permission was denied. By clarifying the reason why permission was denied and improving it, it will be easier to get permission, so be sure to go to the Immigration Bureau.

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