Change the status of residence of a foreign spouse.

Changing your status of residence from a Work Visa to a Spouse Visa is called an “Application for permission to change your status of residence.” There are several types of Visas, but this time we will introduce how to apply for a status of residence, which is the most frequently used (change from Student Abroad Visa/Work Visa to Spouse Visa), and points to note.

When changing from a Student Abroad Visa

If you will change to a Spouse Visa while studying abroad in Japan, the conditions that will be disadvantageous in the examination are as follows.

① Class attendance is 80% or less and grades are poor.

② Doing work part-time for more than 28 hours a week.

The reason for this is that they are unable to renew their Student Abroad Visas due to poor grades and attendance at school, and are suspected of “trying to change to a Spouse Visa under cover”. If the attendance rate is low, the conditions for the examination may be relaxed if you submit a statement explaining the reason for the low attendance rate.

Also, if you have already decided to graduate, it is common and smoother to make the change shortly before you graduate.

When changing from a Work Visa

A Work Visa may only allow you to work in a limited number of occupations. However, in the case of a Spouse Visa, there is no obligation to work in a fixed occupation, and there is an advantage that it is possible to change jobs.

In addition, when obtaining permanent residency, in the case of a Work Visa, a residence history of 10 years is required. However, you can apply for a Spouse Visa in three years. Not all Visas must be changed once you get married. If the conditions of your current visa are suitable for you, you can continue to use it.

How to change status of residence

Go to the “Immigration Bureau” of the area where you live and apply by yourself who is the foreigner’s spouse. Required documents are as follows.

  • Application form for change of status of residence
  • Photo of Japanese partner
  • Family register of Japanese partner
  • Marriage certificate issued in foreign country
  • Identity card of Japanese partner
  • Certificate of residence of Japanese partner
  • Taxation certificate of Japanese partner
  • Questionnaire
  • Foreign passport
  • Foreigner’s residence card

It will take up to about 1 month for the application to be processed.

When applying for a status of residence, be sure to check the conditions that are easy to pass the examination so that the expiration date and examination of your current visa will not be disadvantageous.

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